In 2021, after being impacted from the COVID-19 pandemic for almost 2 years, the industrial group and the opportunity of the Company’s business operations have been affected. However, the second half of the year 2021 indicated the satisfactory growth of performance in accompany with the Company’s planning on expansion of the additional new customer and product bases.

The Company has continuously advanced to restructure the business to step toward the integrated solutions technologies service provider consistently with the digital transformation strategy. In last year, the Company has aimed at adjusting the business plan to adapt for rapidly change in digital technology through the development of information system innovation and restructure the organization for synergizing both marketing and product development, reduction of production cost to enhance competitiveness and retention of business base together with acquisition of new business alliances.

During the past mid-year, the Company has allied with the Sabuy Technology Public Company (“SABUY”) Group. The cooperation has adjusted of the direction of the business to the investment in technology-based, considering as the expansion of the Company’s business. This alliance is also considered as expansion of channel and business operation style and considering increased of the strategies of printing service business and plastic card business of the Company, a growing business together with the tendency of Digital Economy. The foregoing has been corresponding to the new vision of the Company as part of Tech Ecosystem Builder.

In addition, the Company has increasingly expanded the investment toward Tech Company with the vision of investment in the funds that have potential and yield good return, technological extension, and adaptation into Digital Transformation to be ready for the future growth and business opportunity. Particularly from the occurred COVID-19 situation, which resulting in the rapid global change from technologies and causing adaptation of New Normal in Thai and worldwide societies. Therefore, in order to survive, the business has to turn a crisis to an opportunity, adapt and be ready to carry the organization toward digital technology.

According to the turnover of the Company and the subsidiaries in the period of 2021, the Company’s revenue from sales was 1,717.4 million Baht, decreasing by 9.2% from previous year, with the factors from a slowdown of customer demand in the banking group and export sector due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, and reduction of sales volume of the plastic card business group due to the divestiture of the said business group during 2021.

The Company generated net profit for the year of 1,198.7 million Baht, increasing by 967.6 million Baht or 418.7% when compared with the previous year with net profit of 231.1 million Baht as in Q3/2021 period, the Company has restructured the printing group business, recognized the transaction of gain on sales of the Company’s ordinary shares of TBSP Public Company Limited, and adjusted the type of investment from the subsidiaries to be the affiliated companies, and the profit sharing from the investment from Synnex (Thailand) Public Company Limited.

For the operating plan in 2022, TKS’s business perspective has been increasingly changed as Tech Ecosystem Builder, and still advanced to invest in technologies on a continual basis and developed the business marketing in manufacture of Security Label & Packaging Solutions.

financial institutions, and all related parties, executives, and employees who have always well supported the operations of the Company all the time; and convinced that the Company operates the business by adhering to the principles of good governance, awareness on all parties of stakeholders, including the social and environmental responsibility, as well as focus on strengthening the steady progress in order to continuously step toward the sustainable business leadership.

On behalf of the Board of Directors