Security & fulfillment Solutions

Label & Packaging Solutions

Label & Packaging Solutions

Label & Packaging Solution is the manufacturing business of various labels and packaging with security printing techniques integrated with for security technology which are divided into 3 main groups:

1. Commercial Label
This is the manufacture of liner and lineless labels, where the said products are suitable for labelling on the products in type of bottle, box, package, and bag of all types

2. Security Label

This is an advanced manufacture using advanced printing technique integrated with anti-counterfeit technology in various forms, for instance, QR Code Sticker, Hologram and Void Sticker, Sticker Two Layer, and others, etc., in addition to the product inspection and certification system so that the uses can inspect the product status whether it is the authentic copyright or imitated product by reading data on label, together with the systems particularly designed and developed by the Company.
Other than manufacture of security label and packaging, the Company has also provided the design and consulting services for many industrial customer groups, for instance, cosmetic, medicine and medical supplies, food and beverage, and electronics industries, etc., and the government sector group that requires the security labels like Customs stamp, Tax stamp, Revenue stamp, Loyalty stamp, Postage stamp, Brands Protection labels, and Other security label.

Brand Protection & Anti-counterfeit SOLUTIONS

We are a trusted service provider with expertise and consulting on developing security products and integrating with authenticate solutions that combine security design, security feature, security technology, security inks and variable data & graphic creates a unique, identity security label that can be verified in genuine products. Our security printing technology have both digital & conventional to produce government security, commercial security.
Our security solutions help brand owners to protect against counterfeit, brand reputation and generating revenue. In additional, Consumer benefits can be tracking the genuine products after purchasing from the products. It’s also easy to join and connect with the brand's events.

3. Packaging

The manufacture of packaging used for containing the consumer goods by providing the services from designing the procedures for printing preparation, digital color separation, and plate making in various patterns that are suitable for the types of works. The Company can manufacture various patterns of flexible packaging to meet the customer needs.

Commercial Label

Security Label


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