Policy & overall business operations

T.K.S. Technologies Public Company Limited ("The Company") is a listed company in the Stock Exchange of Thailand under service industrial group in the category of printing media business, its first trading was on 18 November 2003, a total period listed in SET is 16 years and a total period in printing media business is 65 years since its establishment in 1954 started by Mr. Kriang and Mrs. Suchada Mongkolsuthree under the name of “Tae Giang Seng.” with a registered capital amounting 100,000 Baht, it operated businesses of stationery, office supplies and paper products. Later, in 1986, under the management of Mr. Supant Mongkolsuthree, the Company’s business in stationery was changed to manufacture fanfold papers for computer (Stock Forms), copy papers and duplicating papers. In 2004, the Company invested in Siam Press Management Co., Ltd., which operates business in printing media similar to the Company’s business, by holding 85% of registered capital amounting 60 Million Baht to be a major shareholder and then holding 100% of shares in the beginning of 2005 with the objective to integrate the Company's printing business from offset printing system in both continuous and sheet basis, digital printing system in color and black & white basis including printing management for large corporate customers. Siam Press Management Co., Ltd., changed its name to be T.K.S. Siam Press Management Co., Ltd. ("Subsidiary") with registered capital of 300 Million Baht.

Business in computer peripheral devices, in 1988, Compex (Thailand) Company Limited, its subsidiary, was established with a registered capital of 1.0 Million Baht to operate import and export business of computer peripheral devices, software and information system. Distribution of computer peripherals, software and information systems. Compex (Thailand) Company Limited changed its name to be Synnex (Thailand) Public Company Limited with a registered capital of 800 Million Baht, its major shareholders are T.K.S. Technologies Public Company Limited with the shareholdingproportion of 38.51% and Synnex Group of Companies, Taiwan (King's Eye Investment Ltd.) with the shareholding proportion of 34.99%. Synnex (Thailand) Public Company Limited ("SYNNEX") is a joint venture, therefore, the Company recognizes the revenue from this investment as profit sharing from investment in joint venture.

In 2019, the Company acquired shares in TBSP Public Company Limited (“TBSP”) from 79.74% to 97.17%, which is a manufacturer and distributor of anti-counterfeiting publications such as checks, bank passbooks, plastic cards, labels. Anti-counterfeiting and digital platform.

In 2021, the Company purchased of the 110,000,000 newly issued ordinary shares of Sabuy Technology Public Company Limited (“SABUY”) with a par value of Baht 1.00 per share at a price of not more than8.950 per share totaling an amount not more than Baht 984,500,000 (“SABUY Newly Issued Ordinary Shares”) where the entering into such transaction would result in TKS becoming a shareholder of SABUY holding 9.68 percent of the total number of sold shares of SABUY.

Accordingly, in the business restructuring of the Company and TBSP, TBSP will transfer assets comprising land and debts including its various obligations as well as the ordinary shares in the Company’s subsidiaries to T.K.S. Siam Press Management Co., Ltd. (“SPM”), a subsidiary of the TBSP in which the Company holds 99.99 percent of the total number of sold shares, and/or to Marvel Pack Company Limited (“MVP”), a subsidiary of TBSP in which TBSP indirectly, through SPM, holds 99.99 percent of the total number of sold shares.

The Company sold 150,061,118 ordinary shares of TBSP, representing not less than 73.48% of the total issued shares of TBSP, representing the total value. 2,005,022,000.00 baht to SABUY after the sale of TBSP shares, resulting in the company has 25% stake in TBSP of TBSP's total paid-up shares.

The business restructuring of the Company and TBSP is an action to adjust the Company's paper printing business and plastic card business plans. The Company focuses on adapting to the rapid changes of digital technology by developing innovations in information systems. and has restructured the organization in the group of companies to create a synergy in terms of market and product development and reducing production costs to increase overall competitiveness for maintaining the same business base while finding new business partners.

In 2022, the Company purchased 10,209,711 shares of capital increase in TBSP (later renamed to Plus Tech Innovation Public Company Limited or “PTECH”), amounting to 10,209,711 shares. the Maintain PTECH's shareholding in the proportion of 25% of the total paid-up shares of PTECH.

The company has continued to adjust its business structure continuously. To become a complete technology solution provider Bytransforming the business from Security Printing to Tech Ecosystem Builder to move forward into the digital world. In addition, the company has invested in SeaX Ventures, a Thai national fund which focuses on investing in startups around the world with high technology (Deep Technology). Established Next Ventures Company Limited as a new subsidiary With a registered capital of 50,000,000 baht to carry out investment activities in potential businesses or digital technology businesses to achieve the company's strategy and create sustainable growth Later, the company Has resolved to increase the registered capital of Next Ventures Company Limited from 50,000,000 baht to 100,000,000 baht, which in the past year, Next Ventures Co., Ltd. cooperated with PTT Oil and Retail Public Company Limited (OR) by ORZONVentures, a startup fund investing in Dezpax, a start-up provider of packaging solutions for food delivery and caf? businesses. Join us to drive online growth for the food and beverage packaging business.

The Company increased its registered capital from 462,226,467 baht to 508,449,467 baht by issuing 46,223,000 ordinary shares for the dividend payment.

Subsequently, the Company sold 25,000,000 ordinary shares of Sabai Technology Public Company Limited (“SABUY”), representing 1.75% of the total issued shares of SABUY. holding shares in SABUY remaining 5.94% of the total issued shares of SABUY and acquired 32,4000,000 ordinary shares of Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited (“MSC”), representing 9.00 percent of the total issued shares of MSC in order to expand the scope of the Company's investment To businesses that have potential for growth, such as the business of providing integrated information technology solutions and services. It has a turnkey sales style from consulting. system design installation operation and maintenance as well as training to understand how to use Including the distribution of consumables used in the office. to cover the needs of customers with the world's leading IT products This is an extension of the existing business group that the group of companies has already operated. and in line with the Group's vision to be a part of Tech Ecosystem Builder.